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Dear Fellow Clutter Hater,
Do you know that feeling you get when your room or office is clean, and neat, and organized?

How everything has it’s own special place, and you don’t have any random belongings just lying around?

It’s such a relaxing and freeing emotion!

Wouldn't it be amazing if you could experience that feeling more often by getting rid of your unused items while making money in the process?

Hi, I'm Topher and I've been selling my less than precious items in various ways for nearly two decades.
Pawn Shops, Craigslist, and Marketplace...
When I first started out, I used to take my items to pawn shops or video game stores and lose so much of the money that I had invested.

I usually had to sell a huge stack of items just to pay my small bills.

When I tried to sell things on Craigslist, I made a little more money, but there was so much haggling and my items took forever to sell.

And when the Facebook Marketplace launched, it had a different demographic so I thought it would be easier. But I still ran into the same issues of not making enough money and sales taking too long.

I felt like I was just running into a brick wall over and over again...
The Big Lie...
For 12 years I built software and websites, but in all of that time, I only ever focused on the technology side of it.

I had never taken a single marketing course in college or done any kind of workshop that taught me how to sell.

So I was under the false belief that if you had a great product, people would just show up and buy it...even if your marketing sucked.

But it turns out, the truth is exactly the opposite!
The 3 Simple Marketing Secrets
That Changed My Life Forever!
Because I didn't know how to sell, my first business crashed and burned and I had to take a good hard look at what I was missing.

By the grace of God, I landed a job at a marketing company and I decided to take one of their courses.

It was a 30 Day Challenge to teach you how to sell your products and services online!

In the challenge, I learned about an amazing sales framework called the Hook, Story, and Offer method of selling.

And here is why it's so important.
Hook, Story, Offer...
When you're trying to sell anything, there are three things that you as a seller have to do to win the sale.
  • You have to grab the buyer's attention...this is your¬†Hook
  • ‚ÄčYou have to create an emotional connection or change inside of them...this is where you use a¬†Story
  • And finally, you have to overcome any logical objections in their mind...this is where you finally pitch your¬†Offer
The moment I started using these secrets in my own listings, I saw massive results!

Like this rug that I sold in just 3 minutes!
3 Minute Rug Listing
The 3 Minute Sale
You see, without using the secret Hook, Story and Offer formula, your listing gets lost in the flood of other people's items and potential buyers scroll right past it!

Without this, people simply won't want and desire your item.

And without this secret, people don't understand what they are missing out on by not having it in their life!

So your item just sits there like a puppy dog at the pound watching all of the cars with perfect owners driving by one after the other...
People Love To Buy!
Here's the truth, people hate to be sold to...but they love to buy things!

And they buy based on their emotions.

So you have to get them to stop scrolling (the Hook), get them to connect on an emotional level (the Story) and then offer them something so compelling that they simply can't refuse (the Offer).

This is the power of the Hook, Story, and Offer framework that I’ve used to make over $2,200 on just the Facebook Marketplace alone!
You Can Learn To Sell!
After finding my own success, I decided that I needed to test this with my friends and my family to see if it could help them and the results were amazing!

People that had listings up for multiple months were able to re-list and sell their items in just a few days! And some even earned more money than the original listing!

After seeing their success, I knew I had to share this knowledge so that YOU could benefit from it as well!

And that's why I created Social Marketplace Secrets. A one hour short-course which shows you exactly how to apply the Hook, Story, and Offer formula to your listings to increase your earnings and decrease your time to sell!
  • Increase your money earned $$$
  • Decrease your time to sell
  • Less haggling over your price
  • ‚ÄčBetter ratings from your buyers
  • ‚ÄčReusable framework for all future sales!
What You'll Get
Here is everything you'll get when you buy my Social Marketplace Secrets short-course today!

The 3 Secrets Framework

Learn about the secret Hook, Story, and Offer framework that makes selling your items on social marketplaces unbelievably simple!
 The Hook Grab your buyer's attention and make them curious so they have to read your listing!
 The Story Show them how your item will make their life better through the use of engaging storytelling.
 The Offer Use the hidden formula (an offer stack) to make your buyers an outstanding deal they simply can't refuse!

The 3 Secrets Framework: $99 Value!

Marketplace-Specific Tips & Tricks

Dozens of tips from my own Marketplace experience to give you an edge over the hundreds of other listings!
 Lesson 4: A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words Learn how to take quality item photos to increase engagement with your listing to find the right buyer.
 Lesson 5: Communication Makes It Happen Social marketplace sales happen in the follow-up. Learn how to avoid costly mistakes and missed opportunities! 
 Lesson 6: Safety First Learn how to protect yourself from internet scammers and other nefarious creeps!

Tips & Tricks: $49 Value!

 Here's What Past Students Are Saying

Karen L.

"Social Marketplace Secrets Works!!!

I was trying to sell a commercial grade shampoo bowl (the type used in a beauty salon) and was having NO success. A shampoo bowl has a pretty limited audience of buyers.

Then I took Topher's Social Marketplace Secrets course and created an ad including all the essential parts - the hook, the story, the offer, great pics, and I threw in a free gel neck rest.

Only 6 days later the shampoo bowl sold!!! The asking price was $99, but the buyer paid $99 + $1 tip = $100!

Social Marketplace Secrets has the 'secrets' we all need to close the sale + some!"

Ann F.

"I used SMS to update my bedroom set listing and I have a buyer! He says he will pick it up on Monday which means I sold it in 6 days and for a higher price than I had formerly listed it for!"
"I've had a popcorn popper listed for months! I went through the entire SMS course and on Monday evening I used the things I learned to update the title of my post and add a story. It's only Wednesday and I already have a buyer!"
"Social Marketplace Secrets was so helpful. Not only a collection of useful tips, but also explanations of how to pay attention to each part of the process, and why it all works so well. It gave me a process to follow and also everything I need to adjust for any various listings I may have."

- Daniel B. Texas
"Straight to the point, detailed enough to follow but not overwhelming. I like how short it is...All in all, I believe it's a fantastic tool and will be helpful to many people."

- Stacy B. Texas

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 BONUS Resources!

 The Perfect Listing Template Save TIME with this FREE copy and paste template!

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 Examples Galore Real-life examples to give you inspiration and get your creative juices flowing!

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 Uncompromising Money Back Guarantee

Did I mention I'm taking all of the risk here?
Here's The Deal:
I believe 100% that this course will help you sell your Marketplace items faster and easier, all while earning you more money along the way!

But if you're not fully satisfied with your purchase, just reach out within 30 days and I'll give you a full refund of the purchase price, no questions asked.

I want you to be ecstatic with your purchase, and anything less is simply unacceptable to me!
When You Buy Today, You'll Receive

 The 3 Secrets Framework ($99 Value)

 The Secret Framework ($99 Value)

 The Marketplace Tips & Tricks ($49 Value)

 The Marketplace Tips & Tricks ($49 Value)

 Plus Both Of The Bonus Resources ($138 Value)

 Plus Both Of The Bonus Resources ($138 Value)

Remember: These secrets have made me over $2,200...

Retail price: ($286)

Yours today for Just $7

That's a savings of over 97%!

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  • The Secret Hook, Story, and Offer Framework¬†To Selling Your Items On Social Marketplaces¬†($99 Value)
  • Tips & Tricks¬†That You Can Use to Increase Engagement With Your Listings¬†($49 Value)
  • BONUS #1 -¬†The Perfect Listing Template So You Never Have To Start From Scratch ($39 Value)!
  • ‚ÄčBONUS #2 -¬†Dozens Of Real Example Listings To Give You A Head Start ($99 Value)

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 Ok, but what's the catch?

There Is No Catch!

I had originally priced this course for a lot higher, but I don't want anything to stand in your way of success!

So I've decided to make this course as accessible as possible to the most number of people.

You'll get unlimited access today for just $7. As long as we offer the course, you'll have access!

We won't sell your information, and we'll keep our emails to a minimum so we don't flood your inbox (we hate that too)!


Don't Miss Out On This Opportunity!

I don't want you to be kicking yourself  the next time you post an item and wind up haggling over the price, or waiting for weeks or months to make the sale!

So ACT NOW and get the simple knowledge and training you need in Social Marketplace Secrets!

I guarantee it will be the best $7 you spend today!

Seriously, or I'll give you your money back.

Click the button below to get started.

And I'll see you on the inside ;-)

~Topher Fangio

 Who is Topher Fangio?

From: Topher Fangio
Where: Abilene, Texas

Have you ever wondered how some people can list and then sell their items almost instantaneously and make $100, $500 or even $1,000 while others can't seem to make any progress?

Do you ask yourself, "Why don't MY items ever sell?!" or "Why do I keep getting low-ball offers?"

Or maybe they do sell, but it just takes way too long when you need the money NOW!

These are the problems that I ran into over and over again until I learned the secret sales framework!

And I created this course so that you can bypass all of that pain and struggle, and start selling your items TODAY!
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